NO and Studio Customer Complaints - Web based apps and network Issues

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Ah just realized you're probably talking about a javascript client 
scenario, though you could do something similar. Create a form that 
generates a bunch of random data to the server. Have the server collect 
that data into a list, then output that data back to you.

Measure the time it took and you have an accurate representation of how 
fast the javascript client application is communicating with the Omnis 



On 7/03/2023 9:52 am, Bastiaan Olij wrote:
> Hey Stephen,
> Seeing we've got our clients connecting to a database over the 
> internet, we've implemented a small testing window that will create a 
> large volume of records inside of a test table and then read that data 
> back with a select query. The table basically has a column that can 
> hold a fairly large bit of text and we'll create say 10.000 rows where 
> the text has some random lorem ipsum text (I wrote a small lipsum 
> generator so each row has unique data).
> Creating the data gives a decent metric for effective upload speed, 
> reading the data back gives a decent metric for effective download 
> speed, and it is a speed more accurate to what your application 
> actually is allocated for bandwidth.
> Cheers,
> Bas
> On 6/03/2023 3:59 pm, Stephen Miller wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I have been thinking with respect to web-based apps. Developers are 
>> really
>> losing control over the performance of their apps due to the vagaries of
>> the bandwidth at any point in time.
>> I, for example, have 5G wireless, and am guaranteed 100 mbps and 
>> normally
>> get 180 mbps. But today I am getting 20 mbps.
>> Got me thinking that developers must be using some independent method of
>> testing the bandwidth at any point in time which led me to speedtest dot
>> net.
>> Ookla has an api for developers which runs on linux and MAC which led to
>> this posting.
>> I was curious how others do it. Do you just ping your server and a known
>> reliable web-site - I use dot com to get a performance base
>> normally,  or do you just not worry about it and just take the calls 
>> from
>> irate customers?
>> Kind Regards,
>> Stephen Miller
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