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Hey Stephen,

Seeing we've got our clients connecting to a database over the internet, 
we've implemented a small testing window that will create a large volume 
of records inside of a test table and then read that data back with a 
select query. The table basically has a column that can hold a fairly 
large bit of text and we'll create say 10.000 rows where the text has 
some random lorem ipsum text (I wrote a small lipsum generator so each 
row has unique data).

Creating the data gives a decent metric for effective upload speed, 
reading the data back gives a decent metric for effective download 
speed, and it is a speed more accurate to what your application actually 
is allocated for bandwidth.



On 6/03/2023 3:59 pm, Stephen Miller wrote:
> Hi All
> I have been thinking with respect to web-based apps. Developers are really
> losing control over the performance of their apps due to the vagaries of
> the bandwidth at any point in time.
> I, for example, have 5G wireless, and am guaranteed 100 mbps and normally
> get 180 mbps. But today I am getting 20 mbps.
> Got me thinking that developers must be using some independent method of
> testing the bandwidth at any point in time which led me to speedtest dot
> net.
> Ookla has an api for developers which runs on linux and MAC which led to
> this posting.
> I was curious how others do it. Do you just ping your server and a known
> reliable web-site - I use dot com to get a performance base
> normally,  or do you just not worry about it and just take the calls from
> irate customers?
> Kind Regards,
> Stephen Miller
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