NO and Studio Customer Complaints - Web based apps and network Issues

Stephen Miller stephenmiller1958 at
Mon Mar 6 04:59:32 UTC 2023

Hi All

I have been thinking with respect to web-based apps. Developers are really
losing control over the performance of their apps due to the vagaries of
the bandwidth at any point in time.

I, for example, have 5G wireless, and am guaranteed 100 mbps and normally
get 180 mbps. But today I am getting 20 mbps.

Got me thinking that developers must be using some independent method of
testing the bandwidth at any point in time which led me to speedtest dot

Ookla has an api for developers which runs on linux and MAC which led to
this posting.

I was curious how others do it. Do you just ping your server and a known
reliable web-site - I use dot com to get a performance base
normally,  or do you just not worry about it and just take the calls from
irate customers?

Kind Regards,

Stephen Miller

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