list of DAM properties

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Sun Mar 5 02:11:47 UTC 2023

Hi Daniel,

>Do $cwind.$attributes.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns #L1. This gives me 74 $attributes.
>When having typed Do $cwind.$ ,the method editor shows the dropdown window with possible attributes or methods to choose from.
>There are 86 to choose from.

Yes, something of a black box...  While $makelist returns things for ref.$attributes, you can't use the standard approach to access the elements of the group, i.e. ref.$attributes.1.$name will not return what $makelist returns for the first attribute.  And ref.$att(n) doesn't seem to follow the same ordering found in the ref.$attributes.$makelist output.

In the session/statement inspection windows I've done, I just hard-coded the properties, since they're mostly common across DAMs.  Maybe Omnis support could shed some light on whether or not introspection is possible?


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