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Sat Mar 4 20:36:20 UTC 2023


How do I get the DAM-properties into a list?

I have built a window with a tabpane with 4 panes that lists all database objects for the session to Postgres.
Pane 2 named 'objects' shows me my 1 and only created table ('user') and 66 other tables with names that start with pg_.
A click on an object in the list builds two other lists, one of all columns and one of all indexes.
These are seen in pane 3 and 4.
Chapter 7-SQL programming and the paragraph "Listing database objects" have given me the knowledge.

I am trying to do this Studio-studying as meticulously as possible.

Now to pane number one that I call "session (properties)".
There are many properties as $hostname, $apiversion etc. and you can of course see these in the property manager for the session.
But I cannot figure out how to make a list of them so to fill my empty space in tabpane 1. How would I use $makelist in this case?
Something like Do tPostgres.$properties.$makelist($ref.$name,$ref.$value).

I just cannot figure it out.

And I guess there has to be one more tab listing all sessions and eventually one more describing sessionpools. 
And also there are statement-properties. 
But first thing first. The big question is if you can narrow down what the first thing is. One may do the second thing first. But at some point it will be clear. Hopefully.

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