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Omnis say they have now allowed multiple sessions from a single user to be considered as only one licence, however I've raised concerns with Omnis that there is no way to identify how many licences are actually being used by a server and by whom. They're implementing additional sys() functions to return the number in use however I think we really need some way to identify e.g. connection start time, session identifier and how the licencing is counted. $iremotetasks gives us some of this, but not the licence counting part.


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I think if you have a form with tabs and each tab runs a different JS Form then that will be considered as a single user connection.
And my understanding is that, in the newer versions of Studio, running multiple forms from a single browser is considered a single user connection.


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It is a connection to the JS form from a web browser.  Much like connecting to a DF1 file.

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The Community Edition comes with a 5 concurrent user license. My question is what is a user? Is it a remote task, a remote form, a client ip?

If my app has two forms in the same browser window is that two users or one user?

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