ZIP / UnZip in v10.2

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Sun Jan 29 21:52:02 UTC 2023

Hello Mike,

I use an ActiveX DLL from Chilkat Software (

It is easy to use in Studio as an automation object.

It can do a lot more than Zip/Unzip but that is the only function I use it for.



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Hello All,

We have written AppleScripts to zip and unzip files on OSX, all fine.

For Windows, to unzip, we have used Powershell recently.  To Zip on Windows we still use 7Zip.exe which I want to avoid. I suspect we will use Powershell to Zip, as well as unZip, going forward.

Omnis has compress() and uncompress() functions, but you need to know the original file length to uncompress() which is odd, and nasty.

How do others Zip files on Windows currently?


Mike Matthews

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