Why Library Keeps Wanting to Convert

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Sun Jan 29 08:41:19 UTC 2023

There was a version of 10.1 or 10.2, I can’t remember exactly, that did this.  You would convert, but it wouldn’t stick, so I did it again.

Use a later build and test again Das.

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On 28 Jan 2023, at 20:57, Das Goravani <goravanis at gmail.com<mailto:goravanis at gmail.com>> wrote:

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I have a library that is in Studio 8.1

I am trying to convert it to 10.2

It converted once showing many classes going by in the working message.

It ran no problem in 10.2

But when I re open that library it wants to convert again

This time it runs far less classes by in the working message, takes less time.

And it runs fine.

But it wants to convert every time I open it.

What can I do to make it convert once and for all ?

It is not locked. That would be too obvious.

I am on Mac. I the user have read/write access to the file.
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