Keyevents won't turn off in O$10.22

Ben Weinberg ben at
Sat Jan 28 18:38:58 UTC 2023

Hi listers:

I’m having a problem with keyevents on O$10.22 31896 where they can’t be turned off.   Do $clib.$prefs.$keyevents.$assign(kFalse) will change the state of library:keyevents from true to false but keyevents are still enabled.  I’m doing this to control the field-to-field flow for the user where entering a new record will tab through the fields regardless of the user pressing Enter or Return, but not tab when the user is Editing a field.  This used to work in O$8 and I tested a library that was converted from 8 to 10 and it shows the same problem.  Is this a bug in O$10 ?

Library Properties shows: keyevents kTrue

Open a window that contains a pushbutton and an several entry fields:

On evClick
Do $clib.$prefs.$keyevents.$assign(kFalse)

Library Properties shows: keyevents kFalse

Entry field
On evKey
If (pSystemKey=28)|(pSystemKey=29)
Queue tab
Quit event handler (Discard event)
End If

Pressing return in this field performs a tab to the next entry field regardless of the state of library:keyevents

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