$fileList Question

Paul Manning paulrmanning58 at icloud.com
Sat Jan 28 02:49:32 UTC 2023

   Thanks. I was trying to not have to load 34000 to get 450.

   Paul R. Manning
   [1]paulrmanning58 at icloud.com

     On Jan 27, 2023, at 8:07 PM, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com>

   Hi Paul,

     Is there a way to specify filter criteria other than file extensions
     on FileOps.$fileList?

     ie DateModified > X

   No, the filter parameter is only good for filtering by file extensions.
    You'll need to use the information parameter to include
   kFileOpsInfoCreated or kFileOpsInfoModified columns in the returned
   list, and then filter or delete according to the dates.
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