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Hi Mayada
Thanks for your input.

My questions below are not very intelligent anymore after realizing there might be a FirstRunInstall-folder somewhere.
See my answer to Paul.

If I copy the firstruninstall folder into omnis.exe root-directory; how does Omnis.exe handle this?
How does omnis know it has to use the copied folder and not the \appdata\etc. directory?

When you place your libraries in the firstruninstall folder, do you mean the folder you have copied to omnis.exe root-directory?
And how does the content being copied to users appdata-folder?

Best regards

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Hi Daniel,

On windows, when I need to do a single folder installation, i just copy all the content of the firstruninstall folder and paste it one level up, i.e. on the root directory where Omnis.exe is.

If I need to do a split installation, I place our liberties in the firstruninstall folder then all the content of the firstruninstall will be copied to the user’s appdata folder.
If you want a single folder install and you want to avoid the read/write restrictions in “windows”, then avoid installing Omnis on  c:\programfiles.

Hope that helps,

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> On Jan 19, 2023, at 11:16 PM, Daniel Sananes <daniel.s at> wrote:
> Hi all
> I find the installation of Studio (10.22) very confusing.
> Hoping for an explanation that rests my dizzy head. Or rather, my stupid head.
> In the omnis.exe directory-structure, sys(215), there are 11 subdirectories.
> (clientserver, external, htmlcontrols, iconsets, idehelp, jscomp, jsidehelp, license, logcomp, uninstall and xcomp).
> I have installed this at C:\OmnisStudio\Studio1022 instead of in \Programfiles.
> In the firstruninstall directory-structure, sys(115), there are 18 subdirectories.
> (adhoc, chromiumembedded, clientserver, convert, help, html, icons, iconsets, jsworker, local, logs, omnispdf, ports, python, secure, startup, studio, welcome).
> Catalogues clientserver and iconsets exists in both places.
> I place omnis-libraries and sqlite-databases in C:\OmnisStudio\MyPrograms.
> Am I supposed to place my libraries in the sys(115) structure?
> Alex Clay has written about 'Omnis installation locations' at
> The 'Single Location Alternative' states that:
> "To bypass the split installation, install the contents of firstruninstall one level higher, into the program directory. On macOS, this means into /Applications/[your app name].app/Contents/MacOS.
> Install and run this app from a location that does not restrict read/write access, such as ${HOME}/Applications on macOS or %USERPROFILE%\Programs on Windows."
> How do I install the contents of firstruninstall so I don't have to bother with sys(115)-structure?
> And what does this mean?
> "Application data is stored a minimum of two times on the disk where Omnis installed. A master copy of this data is located in the Program Directory under firstruninstall. A copy is also placed in the location listed above for each user on the computer who runs the application."
> Best regards
> Daniel
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