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Fri Jan 20 04:15:13 UTC 2023

Hi all

I find the installation of Studio (10.22) very confusing.
Hoping for an explanation that rests my dizzy head. Or rather, my stupid head.

In the omnis.exe directory-structure, sys(215), there are 11 subdirectories.
(clientserver, external, htmlcontrols, iconsets, idehelp, jscomp, jsidehelp, license, logcomp, uninstall and xcomp).
I have installed this at C:\OmnisStudio\Studio1022 instead of in \Programfiles.

In the firstruninstall directory-structure, sys(115), there are 18 subdirectories.
(adhoc, chromiumembedded, clientserver, convert, help, html, icons, iconsets, jsworker, local, logs, omnispdf, ports, python, secure, startup, studio, welcome).

Catalogues clientserver and iconsets exists in both places.

I place omnis-libraries and sqlite-databases in C:\OmnisStudio\MyPrograms.

Am I supposed to place my libraries in the sys(115) structure?

Alex Clay has written about 'Omnis installation locations' at
The 'Single Location Alternative' states that:
"To bypass the split installation, install the contents of firstruninstall one level higher, into the program directory. On macOS, this means into /Applications/[your app name].app/Contents/MacOS.
Install and run this app from a location that does not restrict read/write access, such as ${HOME}/Applications on macOS or %USERPROFILE%\Programs on Windows."

How do I install the contents of firstruninstall so I don't have to bother with sys(115)-structure?

And what does this mean?
"Application data is stored a minimum of two times on the disk where Omnis installed. A master copy of this data is located in the Program Directory under firstruninstall. A copy is also placed in the location listed above for each user on the computer who runs the application."

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