HTTP Domain?

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Jan 18 15:00:48 UTC 2023

When you do HTTP with a worker out of a thick client Omnis app in Studio 8

What "domain" does it use or present?

Or does it not?

You see EmergePay Online Credit Card Processor, who we are working with, has a field on their Setups on their website where you have to enter your "Parent Domain".  Nothing is said about this.  Haven’t seen any docs on it.  They simply say you have to have one, you have to enter it.

Now I assume, since their software is usually used in online applications, that it refers to the domain you are coming from when you do online transactions. I can see how being online, there is a chance of speaking about domains and being correct. 

But when coming out of an Omnis thick client app, you are not "online" like you are when doing the App Server and Remote forms. There you have parent domain, that makes sense to me.

What "domain" does the HTTP worker emit, use, present, when it works?  If that’s even a thing.

HTTPS://Localhost <https://localhost/> worked fine with EmergePay for many weeks, but suddenly it does not work.

I am working with them on finding a solution. Thought I would ask here if anyone knows this subject. 

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