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As others have mentioned, there are varying ways to do this...

I'll try to summarize what we do, to offer some different views on a 

So for us, we have users login, which is linked to a profile...
The Profile is limited to what it can do...

Which windows it can access, and when in a window, whether it can edit, 
delete or create new records...Is all set in the profile.

We have a toolbar to get access to various windows, and also the buttons 
to create, edit, delete etc.

This leaves us with total control in our toolbar that we created, which 
is an Omnis sub window with page panes used as button ribbons, so 
nothing needs to be added to the windows directly...

The Buttons are created programmatically in the first place, which is 
stored in a schema, which can then be used to setup a permission profile.

We've used this in a number of projects, so we know it works well, and 
easily changes to the new program.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 12/01/2023 11:58, IT wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have not implemented a good way to limit user access to my app because it was based on legacy omnis users privileges (12345678)
> and is very limited and hardcoded in the library.
> Now I want to redo how user are allowed to access to menus and buttons in my Omnis library.
> If anyone wants to share any insight into how they implemented user access, they're welcome.
> Regards
> Xavier
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