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A tricky one here.

1 By group of people, or individual users?

2 Down to field level, or just window level?

3 Generally means a table that links users/groups to parts of your application

4 How do you tag parts of the application to be added to the security system for easy maintenance?

We only implement security to window class level, which then also limits access to menus and context menus.  We did with a security table, and a strict set of naming convention used in window classes.

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Hi all,

I have not implemented a good way to limit user access to my app because it was based on legacy omnis users privileges (12345678)
and is very limited and hardcoded in the library.

Now I want to redo how user are allowed to access to menus and buttons in my Omnis library.

If anyone wants to share any insight into how they implemented user access, they're welcome.


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