Some testing after optimisation...

Sten-Erik Björling s-e.bjorling at
Sat Jan 7 13:48:25 UTC 2023

Dear all,

Done some testing and developed some optimisations for JS-based projects also supporting REST access.

Some caveats…

- These tests run from a developer version of Omnis set to run as a server.
- Developer license - 5 simultaneous users.
- Local DB is Postgres 15
- Tests are performed to evaluate internal workloads for Omnis and PostgreSQL - external latencies are not considered.
- Computer: Apple MacBook Pro Max, 64 GB memory, 400 GB/sec memory bandwidth, database completely cached.
- Test database - DVD Rental example database, functions created for most of the tested routines (optimised by the PG server).
- Utilising session pools and first efforts to optimise session pool settings.

Some figures - performing REST calls:

- Sales aggregates for an artist across genres (sales transactions about 16 000 records, 7 table join) - 230 transactions/second. Omnis workload for one processor - 62%, 5 Postgres instances 10-15 % at average each.

- Loading of an actor record (small, but anyway) - 1020 transactions/second.

- Max Load test - loading a list-line from memory - 1900 transactions / second.

Of course, this performance is not across the Internet at the end-users - latencies etc. come in as factors.

Some thoughts… This performance was achieved by one instance of Omnis utilising 60-70% of one processor core and 5 sessions of Postgres were involved. Both these figures can be drastically increased on modern computers. Introduce load balancing for Omnis, and a more extensive license can do a lot.

Some thoughts on computers…

Apple MX, due to its very high memory bandwidth performance (Mac Studio Ultra has a memory bandwidth of 800 GB/sec) can with low energy consumption deliver very high functionality and performance in this scenario may be as low as 30-40 W for a system running on full capacity. Suitable for a bookshelf… :-) and even a MacMini can perform very well in many user scenarios...

Impressive results!!

Take care all, all the best…



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