Dealing with multiple Omnis 10.22 VCSs

malkishtini at malkishtini at
Wed Jan 4 16:10:20 UTC 2023

Hello all,


Happy new Year everyone!


We have a need to maintain different code versions, which means we need to
have different VCSs, Dev, QA and production.

We are trying to find a way to automate building the QA and production VCSs
from Dev VCS based on certain criteria.

We use Omnis VCS (studio 10.22) and PostgreSQL database.


I would like to see if others have dealt with this scenario (deploying
different versions of code) before and what solutions they use to achieve

We are trying to build a new process, so I'm looking for ideas and

As usual, all your ideas and feedback are welcomed and highly appreciated.


Thank you and best regards,




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