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Sun Jan 1 13:23:57 UTC 2023

Have we forgotten about eval() and evalf() ?

Test for valid calculation {evalf(lSearch)}
If flag true
  Set search as calculation {evalf(lSearch)}
End If


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Ämne: Searches of a list

I am doing a search of a list in Studio 4 on Windows

I cannot get it to search my list. Examining it after this executes, there are no "S"s on the list lines when you examine the contents of the variable. I have tried my list.$search() and Set search as calculation way.

Is this a valid list search for "Set search as calculation"


It’s just the same thing over 5 times… if the search string, in this case letter b, is in any one of the 5 fields, then select this line

And when you use Set Search as Calculation with a VAR containing your search, do you use square brackets?


Set search as calculation [mySearchString]

Or do you NOT use square brackets in that case.

Do you think this should work

Do myList.$search( [mySearchString] )
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