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Franco Maregotto franco at
Sun Jan 1 11:29:29 UTC 2023

Hi $all, and as in Rome (but also here in Abano) the number 23 means "a lot of luck" (well, not exactly but that’s the final meaning)
I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best things for this starting 2023..

I'm back to Omnis after 3 years of absolute no-coding, due to pandemic and other matters.. I even unsubscribed this list, as I thought that my chance with Omnis was at the end.

I must also say I’ve never ever tried to write a single line of code with rTasks or jswindows, until when Andrea Guidi offered me to join the Omnis CE. I installed it, played a couple of hours and immediately called him to have my full Omnis ODPP. I also had to buy a new MacBook Pro M2 as the old mid2011 MB pro equipped with HighSierra won’t run Omnis 10.22 anymore…

Omnis 10.22 is opening a new world to me, and I’m really very excited and eager to develop my old 8.1.7 project, enhancing it with web and mobile.

All this to tell you: I’m back, and I’m sure I’ll need again your help and your support as it has been for years.

So I wish you a Happy New Year with the first Q:
Can any of you test this:
(happens only with my MacBookPro M2 with OS Ventura. Doesn’t happen with Windows10)

When I open a window (design mode) with my Mac it immediately set the $moddate to "now". It happens ONLY with windows, randomly with Objects; does not happen with report classes. Both Omnis 10.22 v 31840 and 31896 are affected.

Can anyone of you confirm the same behavior?

Augurassimo a tutti
Franco Maregotto

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