Omnis Studio 10.22 and Multifactor Authentication

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Hello Mayada,

Oddly, we were discussing this yesterday.  We have Single Sign On (SSO) for Windows machines that then join their Active Directory (AD), and from then on, they are trusted.  We can implement MFA via mobile phone SMS, Authentication managers, eg, Keeper, to prove who they are.  Fairly secure.

But nothing like this on OSX to have a joined up universe.

And nothing into Omnis as far as I know.

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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone on the list has done any work in Omnis studio
to support "Multifactor Authentication" during the login process, whether
using Omnis app itself or a third-party software to integrate the
authentication with the Omnis login process.

I'm new to this technology and all feedbacks are highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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