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Ah, I had forgotten the SQLdata Bridge option.

On a side note, I think if you connect to a Windows server using SMB from an OSX machine, you might still get record locking.  Just a hunch.

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I think Thad’s correct on DF file locking.  so I dug up a bit of history.  Ultimately, using DML to talk to postgres should likely be a small part of the conversion effort with big payback as I mention at the end of the email.   it is a nice co-mingling of old and new worlds.

the reason is that the native DF1 requires byte-range locking (lock some byes in a file) in order to prevent two people updating them.   Mac supported that back in old OS9 era’s to a varying degree in he mac file system - but it wasn’t always reliable.   With latest OSX, I beleve it kind of gone from the BSD underpinnings. <>

thats why omnis introduced the data bridge almost two decades ago (I know we used it with omnis 7.8.x) and that was to ensure multi user integrity of a database.    Funny, the data bridge is almost like a sql database - where you talk to a central daemon to get your data .. and it deals with locking and tracking which records are being used.

its why sqllite is not multi user — it can’t be because of the underlying file system.

so, DF1 support is there, mac OS file systems have limited multi user on mac.   and the new SQL data bridge (use DF1 commands like single file find to talk to postgres) are really worth while looking at.

effectively, you get DF1 commands — but the data is stored in a reliable multi user database server…

which is, I think,  a great go-forward integration of DML commands and robust database.   Over time, it affords the possibility of changing some DML into SQL, at your leisure.

thats just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation

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On Feb 15, 2023, at 8:30 AM, Thad Bogert <thad at> wrote:

It’s my understanding that multiuser access to DF1s via file sharing was disabled for the MacOS versions of Studio 8 and higher but not for Windows.  I wish that it did not have this limitation as it will require the additional steps of setting up an ODB when we redeploy our application in Studio 10 at MacOS sites.

On Feb 15, 2023, at 9:17 AM, malkishtini at wrote:

We converted from O7 to 10 with data files, things worked with no problem with a single user connecting the to the df1, but we had issues when multiple users connecting to the same df1, the solution was to use the OmnisDataBridge.


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We are planning on converting to Studio 10.  I converted on app and noticed that the native data file is still working with 10.   The biggest hold back from converting is that we thought the native datafile would no longer work with 10.

So,  my question is…does the native data file work with 10 or only the development version?

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