How do you delete mail in IMAP? kOW3imapActionExecute

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Feb 14 18:27:25 UTC 2023

On Feb 14, 2023, at 1:25 PM, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:

> Yes, we are using O365 with oAuth2 and the OW3 worker.  But it was not easy to start with, we had a lot of help from UK support to figure out what was happening.  The example library is fine however.

There’s an example library for using o365, oAuth2 and OW3 worker?

> Are you subclassing your IMAP worker object?  If so, then after you get the $token successfully, you can’t use it with a subclassed IMAP worker object.  That fault was raised and fixed with a release of new OW3 xcomp.  You need to be using Omnis Studio v10.22 build 31986 or ask for the OW3.xComp

Isn’t a useable object always subclassed? You can instantiate an object on the variable pane by selecting the main object from the list. You can also use an object by doing $newref(). Is that the one that worked, and the variable pane didn’t work? I guess I’m looking for "When is it called subclassed and when is it not that?"

It’s good to see this lively thread on the list, keep it up. 

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