Smartlist problem

Mike Rowan michael.rowan3 at
Mon Feb 13 23:00:25 UTC 2023

Running OS 10.22 v31896 on Mac M1 Monteray

I have a complex grid with two columns and five rows displaying a list
built using $definefromsqlclass('tmytable') and then assigned

If I edit a value in, say, two lines and then $dowork, only the most
recent line edited is updated. For example if I edit line 3 and then line
5, only line 5 is updated.

In my table class I have overridden $doupdate to call method $update. I
have stepped through $update and see that it is called the correct number
of times, but for the same row, line 5 in the above example!

I have checked HistoryList.kStatus and it is always correct.

I am mystified. Anyone know what could be causing this? I have no
experience with multiline smartlists.

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