O$ Bugs, Updates, Faults and Fixes

Phil (OmnisList) phil at pgpotter.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 23:00:05 UTC 2023

Hey Martin,

Is your code bug free... if so, lucky you.

Imagine having 100's or 1000's of users using you software in as many 
different ways, they for sure will find any little problems that exist 
in your code.

Omnis have this user base providing them with all this feedback, lucky 
for us, they pay attention, and attempt to resolve every single one of them.

For me, Omnis Studio just gets better, with less bugs, but then they add 
functionality, or the operating system changes, or some security measure 
is increased, any of these may add some new bugs...

I know Omnis is going to try and correct any issues that comes their 
way, I can just concentrate on what I am trying to do, and not worry to 
much about what they have to overcome?

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 13/02/2023 18:07, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en wrote:
> This is to all Studio Octogerians.
> I have gone through the Omnis Faults list.
> I notice that there are so many bugs with Omnis.
> Nearly everyday a fault is reported.
> Is this normal?
> How do the faults reporting frequency compare with other programming languages, say, Python or JS or C++?
> I'm just curious. Not that I want to jump ship. I'm now deep...deep into Studio to think straight!
> Thanks to all O$ geeks.
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