Omnis Webserver - No command line etc

Stephen Miller stephenmiller1958 at
Mon Feb 13 09:18:09 UTC 2023


I recall that many moons ago, before Mac got a command line interface,
there was a product called  WebSTAR - Wikipedia
<> that was basically hack proof.

I know that the DOD in the US used to use and and old on-line gambling site
that was familiar with as well.,

I was thinking that maybe a similar product is available now or someone
could write one, for example, based on Apache etc that only accepts simple
commands from Omnis through the Omnis API dll or it will time out and close
after a defined period? Maybe the Linux server code could  compiled in the
same way?

My idea is that we have a completely safe environment?

Idea or is this showing my ignorance?

Kind Regards,

Stephen Miller

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