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Sat Feb 11 17:59:23 UTC 2023

I looked at the $properties to see if there was the equivalent of $rawpictformat, but didn’t see such a list.

So $mediatype is the equivalent, but without the dropdown tick list to choose from.  You have to type PNG, JPG, JPEG etc?

From the v8.1 documentation:

The Picture control allows you to display an image in your form: you can display an image file in a folder, an image from a database, or an icon, depending on the combination of settings of $dataname, $mediatype and $iconid. If $mediatype is empty (and $iconid is zero), the $dataname of the Picture control is a URL to the image to be displayed, relative to your html page containing the JavaScript Client. If $mediatype is specified, then $dataname is the name of a binary instance variable containing the image data: in this case, $mediatype can be set to one of the standard image types, e.g. image/png, image/jpeg or image/gif. Alternatively, $iconid can be set to a URL referencing an image file in the ‘html/icons’ folder, overriding the $dataname and $mediatype properties. For backwards compatibility, the picture control can display an icon in an icon data file (Omnispic) or #ICONS by setting $iconid to a numeric icon ID.

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Yes I entered image/JPEG into the mediatype property
And kept my pict as binary, no conversion
Then it appeared.

Thanks Kelly, as usual,

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