How do you delete mail in IMAP? kOW3imapActionExecute

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In some RFC pages, I found a list of commands:

Section 6 has them.

I’m trying to use the kOW3imapActionExecute COPY command where I want to move an email to another mailbox.  I just can’t get the OW3 worker to do this.

I can get the same kOW3imapActionExecute to make new MailBoxes, etc.  But copying an email just fails!  Arghh..

Anybody have this working and can share some examples please?


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Hello All,

I’m following up on this thread from earlier.  How do you find all of the possible commands available when you use ‘kOW3imapActionExecute’?

Kindly, EXPUNGE is shown here by Miguel.  So I’m guessing there must be a reference doc somewhere?  Hoping that might include adding new mailboxes, etc.


Mike Matthews

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On 12 Apr 2022, at 07:50, Miguel Garcia <miguel.garcia at<mailto:miguel.garcia at><mailto:miguel.garcia at>> wrote:

Hi Das,

First set the "deleted" flag to kTrue using kOW3imapActionSetMessageFlags.

Example :

   Do RowFlags.$addcols('answered',kInteger,k32bitint,)
   Do RowFlags.$addcols('deleted',kInteger,k32bitint,)
   Do RowFlags.$addcols('draft',kInteger,k32bitint,)
   Do RowFlags.$addcols('flagged',kInteger,k32bitint,)
   Do RowFlags.$addcols('seen',kInteger,k32bitint,)
   Do RowFlags.$assigncols(kUnknown,kTrue,kUnknown,kUnknown,kUnknown)
   Do $cinst.$start(kOW3imapActionSetMessageFlags,pMailboxName,pUID,RowFlags) Returns lOk

Then to delete completely de message execute the EXPUGNE imap command.

Example :

           Calculate lCmd as $cinst.$chartoutf7(nfd(trim('EXPUNGE')))

           Do $cinst.$start(kOW3imapActionExecute,pMailboxName,lCmd) Returns lOk

$cinst is an IMAPClientWorker object and pMailboxName is the folder of the message.

Best regards.

El 11/4/22 a las 20:52, Das Goravani escribió:
Talking 10.2 here

In IMAP I have noticed actions for things like listing mailboxes, listing messages and so on…

But there’s no action for deleting a message completely

How do you delete a message completely in the IMAP world within Omnis

The one mention of "get’s rid of message" was in reference to appending the same message again to a list.. it said messages with duplicate ID’s disappear by the IMAP engine, so I was thinking one way to get rid of a message is to append itself to the same list and then both copies will go away?

Then there’s the Action for commands and there is some type of DELETE command within IMAP since I was able to find it’s error codes

I guess I have to make a custom command binary and execute that having the delete command within it

Anyone have that or know the way to delete?
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