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Hi Daniel

Sorry I can't help but I will be following the answers with a lot of

On Sat, 11 Feb 2023 at 15:02, Daniel Sananes <daniel.s at>

> Hi
> Thought i could do my Studio studying with Postgres as backend.
> In pgAdmin I have created a database called "kpb".
> I have created a table called user with 4 columns and I have inserted 2
> records.
> I am logged on through pgAdmin and can perform selects.
> Now I want to logon from Omnis.
> What is hostname supposed to be?
> In SQLite it is the path to the .db databasefile and you can even select
> the  database from the session manager.
> So where is my Postgres kpb-datafile? No selection of database can be done
> in session manager.
> /Daniel
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