Making Pictures Appear on JS Client

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So you are reading into a binary from on the disk?.  I allow the user to drag and drop a picture on a picture field.  When the read is complete I have the data stored in a binary instance var named vPicture.. Then I store in the SQL data base after the following

Calculate vPictBinary as binfrombase64(vPicture)

Once stored like this I can fetch them into a  list and display

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The pictures are stored on disk in individual files named the same as the inventory record.

These are small JPEGS, real small, like 150 by 150 at 72 dpi

I am working on a Mac but this is meant to go up on Linux when ready

The picts are stored in JPEG

I tried converting them to CS24, which Omnis uses on Window classes, but that did not work.

I tried converting them from JPEG to JPEG that didn’t work. 
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