Making Pictures Appear on JS Client

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How big are the pictures?  I have done this is a couple ways on remote forms.  For smaller ones I have created them as icons and then do the following

	Do $cinst.$objs.picture.$iconid.$assign(99987)

I also have done this will picture taken from construction and have made slide show with them.  I will have to look at how bit believe here is some conversion that is required. I will look if this is more in line with what you are asking

Are you storing the bigger pictures in your data base ?

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Hello Javascript Client Users,

I have a simple scenario. This is old tried and true code for our Window classes fat client. Studio 10.2

But my problem is with a remote form and testing it.

I am fetching a picture from a folder, and it is coming into memory. When I view the iPix variable it has the picture showing.

But it does not then show in my field for it on the form.

All other fields are displaying, and switching when I switch records.

The picture field remains empty. 

This is a simple scenario.

The record is found, the corresponding pic is read from a folder on disk

Like I said it is showing in stepping through code and viewing variable

It is in the variable that the picture field on form is data named after


Question: Is JPEG acceptable?  Is CS24 acceptable?  To the picture field?

Do I perhaps not have some central setting set right?

If a picture field is data name set on a certain instance variable, and if you have a picture in that variable when you step through the code and it is available at the end of the code when it redraws.. should it not show?  The field is Active.
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