Cannot read properties of null

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Sun Feb 5 16:00:57 UTC 2023

 This is how I am assigning the superclass:
To add records:Do $cwind.$getJSGeneralInfoEntryClassName(lClassName)    
Do iCWinRef.$classname.$assign(lClassName)    

Do iJSDataListHeaderEntryRef.$superclass.$assign('jsDataListHeaderAdd')    

To edit records:
Do $cwind.$getJSGeneralInfoEntryClassName(lClassName)    
Do iCWinRef.$classname.$assign(lClassName)    
Do iJSDataListHeaderEntryRef.$superclass.$assign('jsDataListHeaderEdit')    


    On Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 06:56:40 PM GMT+3, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:  
How do I debug javascript "Cannot read properties of null" errors found in the inspect...console...
core_all_comps.bundle.js:10 Error: Exception occurred when processing server response: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'lstDef') (at 18:41:19.963)core_all_comps.bundle.js:10  omnis_form.getDataIndex  -- at omnis_form.getDataIndex (  _e.updateCtrl  -- at _e.updateCtrl (  F.update  -- at F.update (  _e.init_ctrl_inst  -- at _e.init_ctrl_inst (  omnis_form.installChildren  -- at omnis_form.installChildren (  aa.init_ctrl_inst  -- at aa.init_ctrl_inst (  omnis_form.installChildren  -- at omnis_form.installChildren (  C.commsParamsExecOpenForm  -- at C.commsParamsExecOpenForm (  C.commsParamsExecOpenSubform  -- at C.commsParamsExecOpenSubform (  C.commsParamsExec  -- at C.commsParamsExec (
This error is returned when I open a remote form with a superclass that is assigned two remote forms.
For example, a superclass to add records and a superclass to edit records for an entry form.
I suspect that this error is because I am assigning the superclass after assigning the classname.
I could be wrong on this because I am not sure of the correct order of assigning the classes.

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