Links widely used externals for studio 11 (TMOBJS, JSONCPP & EXCELFORMAT) because people asked recently

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Thu Aug 31 21:32:46 UTC 2023

hi all:

This is just a list of links to some of the ArtsMan externals that we’ve been providing to the omnis community for quite a while.    These xcomps continue to be free to use, free to distribute, no royalties for use.   (and because of that, no warranty as to fitness for use or being perfect in any way).   

Please save this note as a reference for how to find them:

github references for JSONCPP and EXCELFORMAT are below — which has some documentation.

The many of those who have been using our externals for a while will know what they do, but I’ll give a brief synopsis

JSONCPP - open source tool to access, update json structures.    It has some different functions than the built in omnis xcomp and lets you nest access to the various attributes.

Here is the github listing for info

this is the link to precompiled versions for various studio releases <>

EXCELFORMAT - a tool to read, edit, write XLS and XLXS files without having excel on the machine at all.   it is a wrapper around libxl library

github listing:

compiled xcomps for various versions of omnis: <>

TMOBJS - a dozen or so string handling tools they we have found useful over time.   Some that I particularly like are:
- binarysearch (finds that line in a sorted list fast — we use this extensively for performance)
- Trim (trims
- appendString
- makeParamRow (makes rows out of nothing on the fly and appends rows to rows - very useful for passing a row of parameters and adding to those parameters as you pass them deeper into your code and windows)
- stringtoList and listtostring
- remove characters from a string (or only keep certain charactes)
- replace a single character at a character position
- grep a string to get a list of pattern matches that you can process or replace.    I use this to find all html tags in a web page and replace things I want to replace …. or look for credit cards entered anywhere in text strings to let people know a non-encrypted plain text credit card is contrary to PCI compliance.

and more: <>

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