Table Properties

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Mon Aug 28 08:23:43 UTC 2023

Hi Martin,

> I have an instance variable list its subtype defined as a table class.
> I am able to get its table name property with the command:
> Calculate iTableClassServerName as iDataRow.$servertablenames
> I have tried to get its properties below but fails:
> Calculate iTableClassServerName as iDataRow.$desc
> Calculate iTableClassServerName as iDataRow.$name

What kind of properties are you wanting to see?  I don't think $desc is a valid property of a list or row.

If I inspect a table instance, $name is the name of the table instance.
	Set reference tref to $clib.$tables.tAddresses.$insts
	Set reference tref to tref._____284_tAddresses
	Calculate #S1 as tref.$name		##  "_____284_tAddresses"
	Calculate #S2 as tref.$ident		##  613

If I inspect a list, $name is the name of the list.
	Do dataList.$definefromsqlclass('tAddresses',,tSessionRef)
	Calculate #S3 as dataList.$name		##  "dataList"
	Calculate #S4 as dataList.$servertablenames	## "addresses"

Are you wanting to see session properties?

	Calculate #S5 as dataList.$sessionobject.$damname	## "FRONTBASEDAM"
	Calculate #S5 as dataList.$sessionobject.$transactionmode		## "kSessionTranManual"

I don't think there's a way to obtain the Table classname directly from a list - you'd need to infer it from $servertablenames, based on your naming conventions.


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