Calling DLL functions with structs

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Hi Dean,

If you are dealing with a dotnet dll, then you could try using the dotnet
object in Omnis and see if that will work with you, since you can
instantiate it and then pass params to it and so on. 

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Hey everyone

I am working on a project to convert some Visual Basic code to Omnis and the
code block makes a number of DLL calls with structs. But Omnis' 
does not support structs.

Has anyone passed a struct to a DLL or how can I call the DLL function?

An example could be
I want to call it like the code below. This won't work as you cannot declare
structs and the types are probably wrong. But this is want I am wanting to

Register DLL ("KERNEL32.DLL","CreateFileA","AC(RRRRRRRRRJJ)")
Calculate lsDirectory as '%localappdata%\Omnis Software'
Call DLL ("KERNEL32.DLL","CreateFileA",lsDirectory,lrowDiskSpace)
Returns lbOK

Dean Leggo


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