Euromnis 2023 - Oct 23-27 - summary of speakers and topics

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Tue Aug 8 01:35:30 UTC 2023

hi all.

Forgive me if I repeat some of the information that  I’ve sent out privately to members on this list.  I’d like to make sure that the informatiopn about the conference reaches everybody, especially those who read list items and may not post.

Euromnis is a great place to learn to augment your use of Omnis.

Development is only part of the system lifecycle.  There is VCS/GIT, deployment, automatic bug identification, bug tracking, resolution, database and omnis performance tricks, measuring application complexity.   There are also design ideas, connecting omnis with the world, implementing new features of the gui, best practices, deployment on linux, servers, xcomps, uncovering some secrets that you wish you’d known or somebody had told you— you name it.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together people and highlight some really great things you can add to your environment development environment - and make life easier.

There are 11 speakers with a profound depth of current omnis knowledge and close to 30 sessions on omnis and its environment.   Some are doing some out of this world things with omnis

That being said, I’d like to share two links with you 

Speakers: <>
Sessions: <>

As part of the process of putting the conference together, we analyze the session topics mid way to adapt and make sure we cover the bases.   That means we are finalizing some final sessions on Postgres and omnis performance, SQL, table classes tips and tricks, some innovative things to run inside oBrowser -and-  one or two others that we are working with speakers to flesh out.

Love to see you at Euromnis - its an amazing time - and the speakers alway put work into libaries so you can take working examples home

so far, we’ve highlighted sessions on
some secret functionality in the js-client
connecting Omnis (as a client or sever) to micro-services and the internet of things
using objects within the JS client (and studio 11 changes)
automated testing
devops and auto building/deploying your applications
adding GIS (geographical information systems - i.e. maps) to your far client or JS servers and where to source them for free.
measuring software quality
auto generating documentation in a wiki to make it easier to find things
postgres, performance, and SQL that might make your life easer.
using themes and stylesheets to control the look of your app
we'll be talking in depth about oWrite and BrainyData's complete suite of tools in the javascript client and fat client 

If you are not getting the speaker profiles as I send them out and you want them, please let me know.  I may not have you in our database.  

thanks for reading this.   Love to see you there.

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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