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Phil Phil at
Thu Sep 29 08:47:27 UTC 2022

Hi John,

First off, are you stuck with Studio 5.2.2?

Why, basically, just doing any API integration is so much easier in 
later versions of Omnis Studio...

I have done quite a bit of API integration work, but mainly in later 
versions of Omnis Studio.

What kind of security does it use?
First Glance looks like OAuth, which I know I have used in O$10, and I 
know O$10 had updates to be able to use OAuth directly...

But saying that, sometimes developers say they are using OAuth, and when 
you actually get around to using it, it is much simpler version they 
have implemented, and maybe possible to integrate without that OAuth 
integration within Omnis.

For me, a solution like this, I'd put all the relevant stuff into an 
object that handles all the calls for this API...
So, the logon, the api call, any results, all handled within the single 
object, ie oDocuSign.

What time scale are you hoping to get a working solution for this in?

Philip Potter.

P G Potter, 11 Regency Court, Mickle Trafford, Chester, UK.

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On 29/09/2022 06:46, John Didone via omnisdev-en wrote:
> I am looking for a developer to assist us to add support from our Omnis Studio 5.2.2. application to DocuSign (ability to send and receive legal signed documents). The person must have knowledge HTTP commands. I think this is the API I may need to use:    You can reply to:johnsummit at   John DidoneSummit Ordering Systems, Inc.(831)  643-0632
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