Omnis 4 to 10 difference

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Mon Sep 26 20:48:06 UTC 2022

According to Omnis support, with a multiuser serial number, "the first library would always be opened as a single user mode, until a new user connection is made to the datafile, which would then change the value of #MU."

So #MU is always 0 to start out, becoming non-zero as soon as the second library connects.

And here's the scoop on that enhancement for Studio 10.2 -

"The enhancement (ST/PF/1215) was raised to allow for a user to emulate and test code logic for Multiuser behaviour. You can change this behaviour by using the below in the config.json.

"datafile": {
        "emulateMultiUserBehaviour": true


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