Omnis 4 to 10 difference

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Sun Sep 25 11:59:09 UTC 2022

Hi Mike,

>But this fault file reference is only visible [via the HUB] with the correct build of Studio I imagine. Would the information be any better than the Readme file? Probably not. 

The best you could hope would be to find new features described in the What's New PDF for the corresponding version, described more fully than the short description attached to the fault number.  In this case it was the first 10.2 release, but the What's New didn't mention a new config.json option to  'override the multi user flag'.

The file in that original 10.2 release that was supposed to include and describe all config.json options - /Applications/Omnis Studio - has been missing from more recent releases.  That would be the best place to look for well-commented examples of everything possible in config.json.  Not sure why it's been discontinued.


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