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Sun Sep 25 08:27:28 UTC 2022

Interesting.  I used the Faults section in the Hub, but sadly that only shows faults with the current build, and not further back.

I am pushing for a user config.json file still, so developers can add items to the default version with each copy of Studio.  Too many hidden values still.

But this fault file reference is only visible with the correct build of Studio I imagine.  Would the information be any better than the Readme file?  Probably not.

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On 24 Sep 2022, at 15:14, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at<mailto:kellyb at>> wrote:

I saw this curious bit in a readMe list of fixed faults...

Override multi user flag through config.json option.

But I don't see anything in config.json about it.  If Andrew could force that flag and make his #MU non-zero, that might get the re-read going again.

Anyone know the details of ST/PF/1215 ?

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