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Hello Andrew,

Hmm, if the system detects you are the only user connected, does the CRB get reloaded with the Prepare for edit command?  In a multi user scene, it must be.  Must it?

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Hi Andrew

That doesn't sound quite right.

The fields in the main file will be loaded from disk at the Prepare for Edit stage, assuming that it was successful in getting a lock. Does your code look something like this:

Set main file {myFile}
Set read/write files {myFile}

Prepare for Edit
If flag true
# make changes here
update files
# record locked by someone else?
end if


On 21 Sep 2022, at 10:07 am, Andrew McVeigh <surfway at<mailto:surfway at>> wrote:

Just found a weird difference in execution of the same code in Omnis 4 and Omnis 10 (not using SQL)

The coding is probably not the best but anyway

Calculate DTPAID as 10 ##DTPAID is a field in the Main Data File
Prepare for Edit ##This rereads the CRB and DTPAID becomes zero

This is what happens in Omnis 4

In Omnis 10 the DTPAID field maintains it’s value of 10 when you do the Prepare for Edit

Is this meant to happen?

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