Tree List: changing the $tootip based on the line the mouse is over.

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Mon Sep 12 22:55:13 UTC 2022

wondering if anybody has figured out how to change the tooltip on a tree list for the current line the mouse is over.

I’ve determined out this much.    In the events on the tree list, I have

on evMouseover 
   calculate line as mouseover(kmline)

and the value of line is the line I just put my mouse over.   it is based on the number of visible lines in the treelist.  for example, if lines 1 and 3 are collapsed,  3 is not and I run the mouse over the
4th line, I get a 4
4th line, I get a 5

> Collapsed (Line 1)
> Collapsed (Line 2)
> Expanded (Line 3)
 —— Item 1 (line 4)
 — — Item 2 (line 5)

since I know the line, I ant to get the $tag for that line the mouse is over — and then I can figoure out what I want my tooltip to change to based on the line.

has anybody figured out how to  determine the tag as people run the mouse over the tree list with various things expaned and not expanded.

its easy enough when people click on the line, because you get told the $node

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