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Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Mon Sep 12 08:39:03 UTC 2022

 Hi Phil,
True. She is the only Queen I ever knew also, and I am 45 years old.And she knew of her father's death from my home country.
Sadly, so many older people here saw her in very bad light.But, I wasn't born then during the Mau Mau. So, I do not know about that.
All the same, she kept the Commonwealth united after independence.
May QEII Rest In Peace.
Martin Obongita.

    On Monday, September 12, 2022 at 11:21:17 AM GMT+3, Phil <phil at> wrote:  

I think its a great loss to the world, not just the UK.

Inevitable it may of been, but still she was the only Queen I ever knew 
in my lifetime.


On 08/09/2022 23:42, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en wrote:
> CONDOLENCE to all Listers(UK Chapter)The Double Rainbow over the Palace is Biblical.

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