Remove Duplicate values with a condition

Phil Phil at
Mon Sep 12 08:29:29 UTC 2022


I also had to do something similar recently...

I chose to do a normal search comparing a line with the next line in the 
list, which would of course leave the last version of the entry...

so something like


If you run this, and compare the selected lines with what you want 
deleted, it probably will give you what you want.

So then just delete selected lines


On 12/09/2022 01:24, Paul Mulroney via omnisdev-en wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I had to do this recently where I wanted to remove any duplicates the combination of two fields - first name and last name.
> This is how I did it (Studio 10.0, but should work anywhere).  Note I had to create a local var vsFullName
> # Remove duplicates - same first name and surname
> Do vlOutput.$sort($ref.LastName,kFalse,$ref.FirstName,kFalse)
> Do vlOutput.$cols.$add(vsFullName)
> Do vlOutput.$sendall($ref.vsFullName.$assign(con($sendallref.FirstName,' ',$sendallref.LastName)))      ## Create special column to remove dups
> Do vlOutput.$cols.vsFullName.$removeduplicates(kTrue,kTrue)
> You might need to do something similar.
> Regards,
> Paul.
>> On 12 Sep 2022, at 4:52 am, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:
>> Hi ALL,
>> I have the method below to remove duplicate rows in a listDo iSQLTableColNameRowList.$sort($ref.lOriginalColName,kFalse)
>> Do iSQLTableColNameRowList.$cols.lOriginalColName.$removeduplicates()
>> The problem is it deletes all duplicate rows.
>> How do I remove duplicate rows in a list with a condition, say, remove all duplicates but check that C7(the column flag in the list) is true?
>> Kind regards
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