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I think you might be looking for this?

I think the way Omnis has dealt with this in version 10.22 is to let you choose a different version of Python from config.json, but I haven’t tried to understand how to use that, I’m sticking with my earlier solution

From the Studio 10.22 Read Me:
"- PDF Printing
On macOS, you can now specify a python binary to be used for PDF printing in the JS Client, rather than the bundled version, using a new 'python' item in the 'macOS' section of config.json”

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> On Sep 8, 2022, at 1:11 PM, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have a situation with Omnis 10.2, fat Omnis, Window Classes being used. 
> I am printing a report from Memory, that is, the report was printed into a binary variable, and now we are printing that binary variable out to a PDF.
> Do $cdevice.$assign(kDevOmnisPDF) Returns %R
> Do $prefs.$reportfile.$assign(iPDFfilepath) Returns #F
> Print report from memory iReportBinary
> The above are the three key lines involved in this scenario.
> When I step over the Print report line, nothing happens. 
> No file is created at the specified location, there is no pause while it works, it steps right over it as if it does nothing. 
> Fairly recently there was mentioned on this list that PDF printing on the Mac got broken by Apple I think not recognizing any longer the Python that ships with Omnis. The developer spoke as if PDF printing on the Mac was broken as of a recent update to the OS. The OS update broke Mac PDF printing using the PDFDevice.. is this true?  Is the fact that I am on a Mac in 10.2 in OS 12 Monterey having downloaded the update in question.. is that why it’s not working for me?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Das
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