Printing PDFs from Memory

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Sep 8 20:11:07 UTC 2022

Hello All,

I have a situation with Omnis 10.2, fat Omnis, Window Classes being used. 

I am printing a report from Memory, that is, the report was printed into a binary variable, and now we are printing that binary variable out to a PDF.

Do $cdevice.$assign(kDevOmnisPDF) Returns %R
Do $prefs.$reportfile.$assign(iPDFfilepath) Returns #F
Print report from memory iReportBinary

The above are the three key lines involved in this scenario.

When I step over the Print report line, nothing happens. 

No file is created at the specified location, there is no pause while it works, it steps right over it as if it does nothing. 

Fairly recently there was mentioned on this list that PDF printing on the Mac got broken by Apple I think not recognizing any longer the Python that ships with Omnis. The developer spoke as if PDF printing on the Mac was broken as of a recent update to the OS. The OS update broke Mac PDF printing using the PDFDevice.. is this true?  Is the fact that I am on a Mac in 10.2 in OS 12 Monterey having downloaded the update in question.. is that why it’s not working for me?

Any ideas?



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