Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Thu Sep 8 02:50:05 UTC 2022

Das wrote:
> Without is a property
> With is a method
> So like there is a Method named $cclass() and there is a property named $cclass
> Doesn’t fully make sense to me, thought I’d pass it on anyways

Sort of...  but in this case, the way you want to look at $cclass.$name vs $cclass().$name is what Alan described as "The first will return '$cclass' and the latter will return the actual name of your class."

The way I think about it is that the () 'resolves the notation up to that point' - Omnis sort of replaces all the notation up to (). with an unseen item reference, and what follows the . is interpreted as properties or methods of that referenced item.

I think what I'd told Das is that syntactically, someRef.$thing would be a property and someRef.$thing() would be a method.  Sometimes Do myref.$method might work, but Do myref.$method() is the correct notation to invoke a method, and Do myref.$property would return that property's value (though Calculate reads better than Do in that case).


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