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Doug Easterbrook doug at
Wed Oct 26 01:18:26 UTC 2022

h Alan:

I agree with Andrew said.   I use it to export all my code before building any release versions of our libraries

It is far stricter than the VCS and method checker. 

You can check code into the VCS that is plain wrong.   

simple examples

if flag true
end if if                    <— not valid
calculate  field as con(‘…….   <— missing quote and final )
calculate $cnist.field as 1        <—  $cnist is invalid notation)

the JSON export parses the code and tries to recreate it.  if it cannot, it tells you.    Method checker will find some of these.     JSON export is much faster.

export from the VCS if you are building libraries in using autonation  will not find those errors.

You can check windows and reports into the VCS that are partially corrupt but fixable (anybody had a few hundred field 0’s in their application??)

the JSON export will find those and let you know.

I highly recommend exporting to JSON before any release, even if you are not using the JSON export to send to a GIt repository.

as a side note: 
we save our code in VCS and JSON, and  I push the JSON code to git.

in our various git repositories we also have
- HTML pages
- postgres stored procedures
- python code
- and now omnis code

we have a tool that we can use to search for anything across the git repositories.   so if you search for a variable you defined in omnis, you can find it in HTML, postgres procs, python sql and omnis.

makes it really handy to see how a change to something affects anything.

just ideas.

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> On Oct 25, 2022, at 6:03 PM, Alan Schmidt <alan at GOCONNECTED.COM> wrote:
> Hmmm, I'll need to check that out.
> Thanks for the info.
> -Alan
> On 10/25/22, 5:58 PM, "omnisdev-en on behalf of Andrew Stolarz" <omnisdev-en-bounces at on behalf of stolarz at> wrote:
>    Alan,
>    In my experience it reports more errors /warnings vs. the
>    method checker window that I would want to know about.
>    It's also about 50% quicker for me to check the entire lib.
>    I also like the fact you can "rebuild" the entire lib from scratch.
>    I only wish you can export selected classes via. the JSON export...
>    instead of the entire lib each time. (feature request submitted while back)
>    Andrew
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