Ideas for editing config.json

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Sun Oct 23 17:17:22 UTC 2022

Hi Das,

By way of a non TMObjs version, an example might be:

Calculaterowas $root.$prefs.$getconfigjson()

CalculateconfigRowas row.macOS




CalculateconfigRow.ignoreTitleClicksInBackgroundas kFalse

Calculaterow.macOSas configRow


End If

Phil Potter
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On 23/10/2022 15:31, Doug Easterbrook via omnisdev-en wrote:
> here you go
> NOTE:   I’m using tmOBJS.$makeParamROw to dynamically add a column to a row, if it doesn’t exist, or set the value in the row, if it does exist.
> if you don’t wnt ot use TMobjs for this purpos, you have to use omnis commands like
> if not(row.$cols.$findname(‘MacOS’))
>    do row.$addcols(‘MacOS’)
> end if
> calculate row.macos as aSubRow
> or something like that.
> # set some key values in config.json
> Calculate Row as $root.$prefs.$getconfigjson()
> If Row.$cols.$findname('macOS')
> Calculate Row.macOS as TMObjs.$makeparamrow(Row.macOS,'ignoreTitleClicksInBackground',kFalse)
> # V1007363 kfalse to have title on left and icons on right in Monterey.
> # V1007363 Ktrue means put title above icons as traditional - decision for keep like old times
> Calculate Row.macOS as TMObjs.$makeparamrow(Row.macOS,'useToolbarStyleExpanded',kTrue)
> End If
> If Row.$cols.$findname('tooltips')
> Calculate Row.tooltips as TMObjs.$makeparamrow(Row.tooltips,'maxWidth',400)
> End If
> If Row.$cols.$findname('ide')
> Calculate Row.ide as TMObjs.$makeparamrow(Row.ide,'animateIDEcontrols',kFalse,'autoSave',kTrue,'canUseCreateVariableOnVarNotFound',kFalse)
> End If
> If Row.$cols.$findname('windows')
> Calculate as TMObjs.$makeparamrow(,'hideStudiorgMessage',kTrue)
> End If
> Do $root.$prefs.$setconfigjson(Row)
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>> On Oct 23, 2022, at 5:55 AM, Das Goravani<goravanis at>  wrote:
>> Is it true that you cannot edit the config.json file for Studio while Omnis is running?
>> That’s my experience.
>> Do you have any ideas of how to edit this file from a running Omnis?
>> If your config.json file needs an edit, and you have many clients running already, how do you do that?
>> If you have an option in your program, and for it to run you need to edit config.json, how do you do it ?
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