Getting started with oAuth2

Wayne Germann wgermann at PACIFIC.EDU
Mon Oct 17 23:26:09 UTC 2022

I am working on the same thing for the same reason.   I would also like any information on this.

Thanks All

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I’m just having a hard time understanding how to use oAuth2 with the various OW3 workers.  The part that is throwing me is understanding some of the parts.  Specifically, Client ID, Client Secret, Authorize URL and Access Token URL.

I have an application I built for a client that is currently uses the IMAP, SMTP and SFTP.  I’ve updated the SMTP and SFTP to use the OW3 Workers, (I still need to get the IMAP up to date).  My client tells me that he needs to use oAuth2 now because Microsoft requires it.  He has temporarily set his configuration to use the “old style” log in so it functions.

Are the Client ID and Client Secret something that I need to get one time from Microsoft for my application, or is this something that gets generated with each oAuth login?  Or is this something my client knows and gives me?

If I understand, once I have these, I connect to the Authorize URL and receive an Access Token URL?  At that point I think it gets hooked into the OW3 Worker for IMAP, SMTP and SFTP accordingly?

I know some of you have done this.  I’ve seen that there are sample apps in the Omnis Hub Samples library.  I’ve looked that those but there isn’t any real explanation.

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