Item Reference Won't Work

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sun Oct 9 13:25:07 UTC 2022

Studio 4.3
Using the VCS

I declare an Item Reference as a Task Variable
I use it in a line of code
In execution it stops on the line where I try to Set the Reference and says "Attempt to assign a reference to a variable that is not an item reference"

It is an Item Ref. 
I am assigning it from another ref that is a local variable, my item ref. Is a task variable

As in

Set reference tWindowRef to lWindowRef

Why is it saying it is not an item reference?

I have the Startup_task checked out of the VCS, alone with another class that has the code in it. 

I have a feeling that it is something else, and it is only saying that out of some default error checking code they have in Omnis

Does anybody have any idea what I might try, how I can make this "go ahead" and start working?


Das Goravani
Richard Wurst (I’m going back to my birth name)

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